Awake - An OS X Wake-on-Lan Dashboard Widget

Looking for an easy-to-use OS X Wake-on-Lan Dashboard Widget? Then you are right here. But first things first.


What is Wake-on-Lan

Wake-on-Lan is a feature many network enabled devices implement to switch on the device via the network. If Wake-on-Lan is enabled on the device you just have to send a so called "magic packet" to the device and it turns on. All you need to know about the device is its MAC address, a globally unique id, every network device has. This is especially helpful if you don't have physical access to the device like a server in a datacenter. As there is no real magic in the creation of the magic packet there are lots of applications out there supporting Wake-on-Lan.

Why using a dashboard widget

Even though it seems that the dashboard will die in OS X in the not so far future, there are still some cases where I love to have it. One of these cases is Wake-on-Lan to start up my NAS server whenever I need it. I wanted a tool that doesn't waste any menubar space and just does its job fast and easy.

Do it yourself

As I couldn't find an existing Wake-on-Lan dashboard widget I decided to make one myself. Long story short, here is "Awake":

Awake - An OS X Wake-on-Lan Dashboard Widget
Version: 0.1
Release Date: 29.09.2015

Open up

To make the project available for everybody I released it under the MIT-Zero License. So feel free to use is it in any way you like and check out the github project repository.